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  Cells Intact QuickFreezer  
  Cells Intact Quick Freezer is the exclusive innovation. Our evaporator made by one- piece aluminum. The putting board is also the evaporator board, and has multi-fin design. The conduction area larger than the traditional freezers’ 15 times. It has super freezer efficiency that can freeze goods before the ice crystals damage the cells wall. And will ensure the freshness and cells intact of the frozen goods.
 The putting board is also the evaporator board
 Patent quick freeze board and cycle strong winds make the double
   cooling effect
 Patent Multi-Fin one- piece aluminum evaporator can save energy 30%
 The units hidden design can save your space
 Super freezer efficiency that can avoid the ice crystals destroy the
   cells wall.
Patents M333544  M125195
Board No. Board Length(mm) HP Cool Way 5Hr Quantities
2500 1020 2000
9 1200 5HP Air-cooled 200kg
2900 1020 2000
9 1800 10HP Water-cooled 500kg
3500 1200 2000
9 2400 20HP Water-cooled 1000kg
4700 1200 2000
9 3600 30HP Water-cooled 1500kg
5900 1200 2000
9 4800 40HP Water-cooled 2000kg
SGS Freeze Efficiency Inspection Report

SGS Experimented: 250 liter water and packaged by every 2 liter. We putted the water into our Cells Intact Quick Freezer. According to the result, the temperature dropped from 20oC to -20oC only needs 44 minutes. The super freeze efficiency faster than the same horsepower foreign machine 2 times!

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