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  Our product uses the exclusive expanding size condenser which can enhance the humidity of freezer. And we use patent high thermal conductivity defrost pipe, patent high-speed defroster accumulator and patent Energy-Saving Heat Exchanger, our freezer efficiency 30% higher than traditional freezer and save more energy.
  • Box-Type: Suitable for poorly ventilated spaces, condenser separated with the main engine
  • Window-Type: Suitable for ventilated place, has good look and easy to migrate
  • Advantages
     Using the exclusive expanding size condenser which can enhance the
       humidity of freezer
     Using the exclusive increase size radiating fin to increase the cooling
     Using patent Energy-Saving Heat Exchanger which can raise the cooling
       efficiency and save more energy
     Using patent high thermal conductivity defrost pipe and patent high
       -speed defroster accumulator to improve the defrost efficiency
     The condenser wind can be automatic adjustment by the weather that
       makes the best freezer effect and energy saving
    76735(Design)、59661(Defroster Accumulator)、134710(High Thermal Conductivity Defrost Pipe)


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